Percy Street

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Marsden Community Primary School

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School Day


Start of School

8:55am   (doors open 8:45am)

Break 10:30am to 10:45am

12:15pm to 1:15pm   (bell rings at 1:10pm)

End of School



Assemblies are held in Key Stages or Whole School. The main assemblies are Monday and Friday with class and year group assemblies on other days of the week. These are non-denominational and focus on learning; values; key events at school, the community and in the World. A range of staff and children lead these assemblies. Assemblies also include awards for good learning.

School starts at 8:55am but the doors open at 8:45am to allow the children to enter school calmly and start a challenge activity in class. Children arriving after the bell at 8.55a.m. need to be taken to the main office.

At lunchtime children can have a school meal, bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch. Parents who want their child / children to go home need to sign a consent form available from the office and an agreed adult must collect the child / children and return them back to school. 

Children must be collected from and returned to the Office. Children who go home for lunch should not return to school before 1:05pm

All school meals are cooked on the premises and there is a choice of at least two hot meals. There are free school meals available for all children from EYFS to Year 1. In Key Stage 2 a school lunch costs £2.20 per day. 

For parents who are not employed and receive certain benefits, your child may be eligible for a free school meal. You can check this by phoning 01254 220710. All you need is your National Insurance Number. 

If eligible, your child will receive a free lunch each day. In addition, you are also helping the school since Marsden receives additional money for all children eligible for free school meals. 

School finishes at 3:20p.m. Key Stage 1 children need to be collected from the KS1 yard. Every class waits with their teacher in the same place every day. The children must be collected from the teacher by an agreed adult. This is either a parent / carer or another responsible adult nominated by the parents or carers not older siblings in school or children under the age of 16. 

Key Stage 2 children need to be collected from the KS2 yard at the main entrance on Percy Street. In Year 5 and Year 6 parents can decide whether their child is sensible enough to walk home alone or is to continue being collected by an adult. Children in Year 3 and Year 4 must be collected by an agreed adult over 16. Teachers bring their class out to the KS2 yard and make sure children are either handed over to parents / carers or that they leave school safely.

The office staff must be informed when someone other than an agreed adult is collecting your child / children.

Please make every effort to get your child / children into school every day. Missed days are missed opportunities for learning. Children’s attendance is monitored closely and parents are kept informed by individual colour coded letters each term and a class attendance section on the half termly Newsletters. 

We aim for every child to have an attendance figure above 96%. 

Did you know that 90% attendance means a child has missed half a day EVERY week? Did you know that being ten minutes late a day means your child is missing an hour of learning each week? 

Classes are awarded for excellent punctuality and attendance in assembly every Friday. Individual children are awarded for 100% attendance every term and at the end of the academic year. 

If your child is ill please ring school on the first day before 9am and each subsequent day thereafter to provide a reason for the absence or you will receive a call from the Office Staff. It is essential that dentist and / or medical appointments are made out of school hours if possible. 

When your child is ill at school or has an accident, the office team will contact you. As part of the First Aid Response system, you may be asked to come into school to check on your child when they have hurt themselves. Please ensure accurate contact details are given to the office (mobile and home number as well as a reserve contact). Please let the office know if any of your contact numbers change.

School will not authorise any extended leave or holidays in term time. If you wish to apply for leave during term time than an application must be made in person and writing to the Headteacher. 

Excessive or unauthorised absence will be reported to the Local Authority Welfare Officers. 

Please be aware that unauthorised absences may lead to Penalty Fines or your child losing their place at Marsden.

Communication between home and school is essential to support children’s development and learning. We are keen to foster positive relationships to ensure that the outcome for the children is the best we can give them. 
When you have a problem relating to your child, first talk to the class teacher at the beginning or end of the school day. If it is a problem that needs a more lengthy conversation, write a note or phone school to make an appointment to meet with the class teacher. 

When there is an unresolved problem you have already spoken with the class teacher about, ring the Office Staff to make an appointment to meet with the Key Stage Leaders – Mrs Fenna for KS1 and Mrs. Macquarrie for KS2. 

Should the problem be serious or still unresolved then ring the Office Staff to make an appointment to meet with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. 

Mrs. Shazia Butt, Parental Liaison Officer and other Inclusion Team staff are also available to support parents.