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Marsden Community Primary School

"Live To Learn. Learn To Grow."

School Day


Start of School

8:45am   (gates open 8:35am)


All (except Year 6)

10:30am to 10:40am

Year 6




All (except Year 6)

12:00pm to 1:00pm 

Year 6


End of School









Assemblies are held in phase year groups on Monday and Thursday, with "in-class"  assemblies on other days of the week. These are non-denominational and focus on learning; values; key events within school, the community and wider World. A range of staff and Learners lead our assemblies.

Celebration Assembly on Thursday include awards linked to Learning Powers, Fantastic Mistakes, reading and sporting achievements, as well as birthdays and attendance. 

School starts at 8:45am, but the doors open at 8:35am so that learners can enter school calmly and start a challenge activity in class. Learners arriving after the bell at 8.45am need to be taken to the main office.

Each day comprises of six and a half hours, totalling thirty two and half hours per week.

At lunchtime learners can have a school meal, bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch. Parents who want their child / children to go home need to sign a consent form (available from the office). An agreed-on adult must collect the child / children, and return them back to school. Children in Year 5 and 6 can walk home unaccompanied after a signed School proforma has been completed.

Children must be collected from and returned to the Office. Children who go home for lunch should not return to school before 12:50pm. Year 6 children should return by 1:20pm.

All school meals are cooked on the premises and there is a choice of at least two hot meals. There are Universal Free School Meals available for all children from EYFS to Year 2.              In Key Stage 2 a school lunch costs £2.40 per day. 

For parents who are not employed and receive certain benefits, your child may be eligible for a free school meal. You can check this by phoning the School Office. All you need to provide is your National Insurance Number and date of birth. 
If eligible, your child will receive a free lunch each day.

School finishes at 3:15p.m.

Reception and Year 1 learners remain in the classroom. They are handed over to their parents, by school staff, on an individual basis as part of our Safeguarding procedures.

Year 2 Learners stand in a designated place on the school yard and are handed over to a nominated parent or carer. No older siblings in school or children under the age of 16 can collect. If the adult collecting is different to the nominated person, the School Office must be notified by the parent/carer, and a password will be provided. 

Key Stage 2 children need to be collected from the KS2 yard at the main entrance on Percy Street. All KS2 children must be collected by an agreed adult, over 16. If the adult collecting is different to the nominated person, the school office must be notified by the parent/carer, and a password will be provided. 

In Year 5 and Year 6, parents can sign a School proforma to give permission for their child to walk home unaccompanied. Children walking home are supervised leaving the school gates and crossing the road by school staff.

All other children are handed over to their parent by the class teacher or LSA.

Parents are encouraged to make every effort to get their child / children into school every day. Missed days are missed opportunities for learning. Children’s attendance is monitored closely and parents are kept informed of any concerns regarding their child's attendance. These can be in the form of: phone calls, letters and meetings. In the meetings, targets are set and reviewed on a six weekly basis. If no improvement is seen, support will be sought from Lancashire County Council (LCC).

Each week the class with the highest attendance in both KS1 and KS2 receives a class award. Attendance for each individual class is updated on the attendance page of the website, weekly. On the monthly newsletter, the monthly attendance for each class is recorded.

At the end of every term, all Learners are given "traffic light" letters which show what their current percentage attendance stands at. Parents are also informed of their child's / children's attendance at parent teacher meetings and on the yearly school report.

We encourage all children to have an attendance of 97% and above.

Children who finish at 100% for each individual term are presented with an award, and children who finish at 100% for the full academic year receive a personal and collective award. 

Punctuality plays a key role in every learners education. If a child is 5 minutes late every day, three whole days of learning are lost that academic year.

Any child arriving after 8:45am must report to The Office, and will receive a late mark (L). Any child arriving after 9:15am, without a valid reason, will receive an unauthorized (U) mark. Parents are regularly updated with any concerns about children's punctuality and the appropriate action is taken. (Phone Call/ Letter/ Meetings).

If your child is ill please ring school on the first day of the illness before 9am, (and each subsequent day thereafter), to provide a reason for the absence... or you will receive a call from the Office Staff. It is essential that dentist and / or medical appointments are made out of school hours, (where possible). 

When your child is ill at school, or has an accident, the office team will contact you. As part of the first aid response system a First Aider will assess the child's injury and, where necessary, parents / carers may be asked to come into school so that any necessary follow-up actions can be undertaken. 

Any child who has a bump to the head or nose receives first aid and parents / carer's are informed of this by a phone call and letter that day.

Parents must ensure that all contact details provided are up-to-date: home address; mobile, home and work phone number, as well as a reserve contact number.

The Office must be informed immediately when any of these contact details change. 

School will not authorise extended leave or holidays during in term time.

Should there be exceptional circumstances and parents / carer's need to apply for leave during term time, they must contact school to arrange an appointment with the Head of School and Attendance Officer. (No flights must be booked prior to attending this meeting in School).

Parents / carers who still chose to take children out of school during term time will be issued (by the Local Authority) with a fixed penalty notice.  If parent /carer's fail to pay this fixed penalty, this could lead to court prosecution. 

LCC policy will be followed and any unauthorised absence will be reported to the Local Authority.

Communication between home and school is essential to support learning. We are keen to foster positive relationships to ensure that the outcome for all learners is the best we can give them. 

If a parent or carer has a problem or concern relating to their child, email the class teacher or contact the office to make an appointment to meet with the class teacher. 

When there is an unresolved problem, and the class teacher has already been spoken with, an appointment can be made through the School Office to meet with the Key Stage Leaders/ Assistant Heads: Mrs. Fenna KS1/ Mrs. Macquarrie & Mrs. Kean for KS2. 

Should the problem be serious or still go unresolved, then ring the Office Staff who will make an appointment to meet with the Head of School. 

Our Inclusion Team are always available to provide support throughout.