Inclusion, Special Educational Needs & Disability (S.E.N.D)



School Counsellor

Our Counselling service offers a safe, comfortable space, where pupils can express themselves freely. Counselling can enable children to express difficult feelings and learn how to manage them in more positive, helpful ways. As many children find in difficult to put their thoughts and feelings into words, our counsellor also uses Play therapy.


This medium can be particularly helpful to Primary aged children, as it allows them to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a way that feels natural to them. Counselling is also confidential, allowing pupils to feel comfortable to share personal feelings. In exceptional circumstances confidentiality may need to be broken, this only happens if the counsellor feels your child or anyone else is in danger of being harmed.


Counselling can help with a variety of problems, worries and anxieties, phobias, Trauma, family issues, anger issues and many more. Counselling is offered on a weekly basis in school and can continue for as long as the counsellor and pupil feel that it is helping.


Pupils can also be referred by class teachers or pupils may self-refer, If this happens school will always contact parents or carers to inform you of this.


If you would like to refer your child for counselling, or if you would like more information about this service, please contact a member of the Inclusion team.

 Our School Counsellor's Name is Sarah Tullett and our service provider is Freeflow Counselling service.

Freeflow also offers a Free confidential adult Counselling service, that parents can access by self- referral through Freeflow's website: