Staff Team


Senior Leaders

Executive Headteacher - Mrs. Delamere

Head of School – Miss Charlesworth

Assistant Head – Mrs. Fenna

Assistant Head – Mrs. Macquarrie 

Assistant Head - Mrs. Kean

Office/ Admin

SBM Maternity Cover - Mrs. Melling

School Business Manager – Mrs. Hawthorne

Attendance Officer – Mrs. Arif

Business Support Officer – Mrs. Kinsella


Site Supervisor – Mr. Bryn Parry

Website – Mr. R. Hawkes


Nursery – Miss Tillotson (ECT)

and Mrs. Berry (Music)


RMMiss Foster (World Aware Lead/DT Support)

     Miss Dalzell (EYFS Lead Focus Standards /S&L Development/ DT)

Miss Fairfield


1MMrs. Ormerod (P.E. & Wellbeing Lead)


1SMiss Wilson (History)


2MMiss Bailey (Maths/ Phase Lead Year 1&2/ BLP Lead)


2SMrs. Fenna (AHT/KS1 Lead/ Curriculum)


3MMrs. Kean (AHT/ Science/Learning Council/Reading & Phonics)


3SMiss Murphy (Art)


4MMiss Brett (Singing/ Performance)


4SMrs. Fisher (Geography Lead - Marsden Eco group Focus)


5MMr. Boult (PSHE & HRE/Wider School Lead/EVC)


5SMiss Holgate (Reading Library/ Incentives)


6M – Mrs. Hope (MFL)


6SMr. Oates (Computing/ Phase Lead of Yr5/6)


Mrs. Macquarrie - AHT/ English Lead/KS2 Lead



Inclusion Team

Inclusion/SENCO Lead – Mrs. Alker

Parental Liaison – Mrs. Butt

Education & Parent Advisor – Mrs. Morris

Medical / EAL / SEND Support – Mrs. Rimmer

Medical Care Mrs. Ahmed

Learning Support Assistants


Nursery - Miss Haworth

 Mrs. Noreen (Bilingual LSA1)


ReceptionMrs. Saddique

     Miss Macintosh

     Mrs. Ditta  

    Miss Thompson

      Mrs. Latif


Year 1 - Mrs. Shah (LSA3/PPA Cover) 

      Mrs.  Ingham

      Mrs. Ahmed


   Year 2 - Mrs. Saba (LSA3/ PPA Cover)

Mrs. Ruddy 

Mrs. Qamir


Year 3 - Mrs. Astley (LSA3/ PPA Cover)

     Mrs. Mahmood (1-1 Support)

Mrs. Slack (LSA3/ General Cover)


    Year 4 - Miss Ahmed (LSA3/PPA Cover)

  Mrs. Mustafa


       Year 5 - Mrs. Ali (LSA3/ PPA Cover)


 Year 6 - Mrs. parker (LSA3/PPA Cover Yr6)

     Mrs. Taylor


 P.E. & Sports Coach – Miss Amy Bland

Library/Reading Support  Mrs. Mahmood

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Boult

Mrs. Sharman

Mrs. S Bi

Mrs. R Bi

Mrs. Sharif


Senior Welfare Assistant– Mrs. Eyre

Senior Welfare Assistant – Mrs. Taylor

Welfare Assistants

Mrs. Akhtar

Mrs. Imran

Mrs. S Bibi

Mrs. Sultana

Mrs. Khalid

Mrs. R Bibi

Mrs. Qamir

Mrs. Begum

Mrs. Tabbassam


Mrs. Howarth

Mrs. Broadbent

Miss Wade

Mrs. Imram

Mrs. Akhtar

Continuing Professional Development Autumn 2022 to 2023