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Autumn 1 Learning 


In music we have been exploring musical dimensions. We have been specifically focusing on texture and dynamics in music, and applying this to our song focus Mamma Mia. We have also been recapping our prior learning on pitch, pulse and rhythm. Please enjoy the clips of year 4 performing Mamma Mia and sharing their new vocabulary. 

How could we live without electricity for a day?

 In science we have been using our collaborative and questioning skills when learning about electricity. We have been making complete circuits and understanding what components make a circuit. Alongside exploring the function of a switch and understanding what happens the flow of electricity when the circuit is open and closed. We have also used our science enquiry skills to make predictions, write conclusions and investigate insulators and conductors. Watch the clip below of 4M sharing all of their electricity learning. 


Natural Resources 

In geography we have been learning about natural resources, we have compared and gathered information on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, alongside renewable resources like water, the sun and wind. In addition to this we have investigated how these resources are used and how they have impacted the evolution of settlements over the years. Please watch 4S tell you all about what they have learnt this term. 


Autumn Term 2 Letter to Parents

Autumn 1 Curriculum Letter

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Overview

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