Year 6 Learning Zone and Curriculum Overview

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Performance Poem - The Book

  Hello and welcome to the Year 6 Learning Zone. We had an excellent Autumn term with the learners showing great motivation to succeed and perseverance to keep going when they found things difficult.

In addition to our lessons in class, we also had a visit from Past Productions who delivered a full day of activities based around our history topic Ancient Greece. 


We voted using the democratic system invented by the Greeks, created traditional Greek artwork and put on a play like the Greeks would have done in their amphitheatres.


Here are some pictures of the day!




We also had a visit from a teacher who specialises in Indian dance forms. She taught us a routine that combined Bhangra and Bollywood moves. Check out our routine in the video below.


Year 6 Home Learning
In Flanders Field
The Best Kept Secret by Sophie Stewart, read by Mr. Oates
Empathy Learning Power Presentation- 6S
Reflection Learning Power Presentation- 6M